Protect Your Dog: Food that is deadlier than chocolate

By Ben Jakes-Johnson

May 22
Chihuahua in grocery store

A lot of articles on the internet scare us by claiming that when a dog eats a specific food then he’ll immediately die. The most notable killer is chocolate. This might occur in some cases, but many dogs can tear into a forbidden chocolate bar and still survive. I know that people see this miracle happening with their friend’s dogs or online, and this is why it’s important to state that it is not worth putting your dog’s life on the line just because a neighbor’s chihuahua survived after eating some chocolate. There are foods that you should never ever put in your dog’s path – it’s not worth the risk. Chocolate is one of the verified risks, but there are others that are even riskier.

The following list explains some food products which are extremely bad and potentially lethal for your dog and the chances of the dog’s death increase significantly if you (the dog’s owner) are not vigilant to the dog’s distress. Be extra careful to keep these products out of the canine’s reach, and if you are set on smoking marijuana (and breaking the law depending on your location), then please put your dog in a crate while you are under the influence because you will certainly behave stupidly once you are stoned.

Pot Brownies
It is not okay to “accidentally” let your dog eat pot brownies. Absolutely not, because sometimes the toxins of the ingredients, certainly if it contains chocolate and also the marijuana, effects the dog quite badly and they won’t survive. Like with humans, it elevates heart rates and blood pressure levels. The effect is more extreme on the dog than on a human. Since the substance is not legal in many states, do you and your dog a huge favor by not touching the stuff at all. If you are in California or state where it is legal, please realize that your dog’s life is at stake, so if you are determined to consume it, protect your dog in another room or in a crate.

Chocolate Macadamia Nuts made with Xylitol
In Hawaii, the chocolate covered macadamia nuts are locally available and on every grocery store shelf. They are extremely delicious and your dog will love them too, but absolutely do not let him get into the bag. A small amount of plain macadamia nuts alone is not very harmful – it might effect his muscle and kidney functions temporarily. Hawaii offers dark chocolate covered macadamia nuts which can be “sugar-free”, meaning that they are blended with xylitol, an ingredient harmless to humans but potentially lethal for dogs. With this combination, you have 3 harmful ingredients: chocolate (dark chocolate is more harmful than milk chocolate), macadamia nuts and xylitol which would elevate the death rate to a pretty high level.

The dog who manages to sneak a mouthful of chocolate macadamia nuts will hopefully purge quickly on his own. You’ll see signs of the ingestion with the dog’s sudden hyperactivity and extreme thirst. You should immediately seek emergency pet care if this occurs – the sooner the better. This is another reason not to smoke pot around your dog while eating the chocolate macadamia nuts. If the dog eats them without your awareness, you probably wouldn’t even notice the change in his behavior since your senses are skewed, not to mention that you will not be in a condition to drive him to the dog hospital.

The multiple ingredient which make up a bowl of guacamole are extremely bad for your pup. The avocado contains a toxin which your pet will sense (but human’s don’t). Although avocado alone is only slightly harmful for a dog (causing diarrhea), the other fairly harmful items in guacamole are garlic and onion. Both of these ingredients will likely cause extreme fatigue and negative effects to the blood oxidization of red blood cells. Together, the three harmful substances of guacamole, onion and garlic in combination may cause fatal results.

Because people who are high on marijuana tend to grab snack foods like guac and chips, please remember to restrain your dog before getting high and bringing out the guacamole to the living room coffee table.

Raisin granola or Raisin Bread
Gluten-free is perhaps a fad amongst many who swear by gluten’s negative effects on their digestive system, but dogs might also experience the same negative effects but have a harder time expressing their digestive pain. So what if it is in fact a fad? If you and your dog feel better using natural remedies, then go for it.

Raisins also do not work well in a pup’s digestive system and can cause serious harm, therefore raisin bread would be double trouble. Keep your pets away from any type of raisin bread or raisin granola, the gluten-free type would be slightly better than the regular since gluten is shown to cause problems in various dog breeds.

Many studies have shown that gluten (wheat based bread) is not beneficial for many dog breeds. Some thought leaders of course say that gluten is harmless. The best way to know if you or your dog is effected by gluten is to completely remove it from the diet for about a month. For the human, you’ll know if you feel better, and if so, then you could think to stay off of gluten long-term. As for the dog, you’ll need to pay attention to her behavior and appearance when removing the gluten from her diet. If she has more energy and her coat is shinier, gluten was the likely suspect to the fatigue, bloating or skin conditions that she had prior to the gluten-free diet. Most commercial dog food products contain gluten, so it is best to make homemade gluten free dog food if possible. (Always consult with your vet or medical provider before making any major dietary changes)


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