Dogs Wearing Hats

By Ben Jakes-Johnson

May 15
Dog Wearing Hat

There is something about a dog wearing a hat which brightens up the day for both the human and the one wearing the hat. Most dogs seem to like the attention from wearing a hat and enjoy being photographed. If you compare numerous photos of dogs wearing hats to dogs wearing clothes, the happiest pets are ones wearing hats. Of course, not all dogs are happy with their hats as you will soon see.

Here is a selection of dogs wearing all types of hats to suit their personalities:


We’ll have to assume that this fluffy white pup wearing a pinwheel hat has a dorky personality. Dogs can actually be pretty stubborn if they want to be, therefore if they do not want to wear a hat, they’ll tear it off their head.  Of course, there is nothing wrong with being a dork.


Just going out to pick up the newspaper.


These two darlings are loving their traditional German Alpine hats.


Any dog who wears a beret and brushes her long beautiful hair must be a French citizen.


Mexican chihuahua-wannabe (not a chihuahua).


Scottish Scotty



How did this dog learn to “dog squint?” (see the art of “man squinting” if you don’t know what dog squinting is).  He looks like a Peter Fonda biker dog (which is what the owner was aiming for) , and amazingly, Fonda the actor had an extremely similar man squint (see photo below).

Peter Fonda with a man squint in the 1970s


Elegant southern charm! The pearls and the bonnet look outstanding on this pug. The woman in the background doesn’t realize that her pearls are extremely similar to the Pug’s pearls. Who does it better?


Georgia alumni members love this photo. The University of Georgia mascot is a bulldog and of course the hat is southern, but it would be a better fit if he wore a football helmet. Actually, it’s fairly hard to find a doggy football helmet to purchase because the dog would hate it due to the weight and vision blockage.






This dog is pretending to be Canadian so that she can get free healthcare.


This baseball hat almost fits, but not quite. Good thing, because she’s way too cute to hide inside.


Dogs really love wearing baseball caps for the same reason that humans do. The sun is glaring and the hat keeps the strong rays undercover. For this sporty dog, the hat is vital on this sunny day.



This is obviously a famous dog seen in a famous movie, hating the “puparazzi” hounding him for photos.


Smokin’ hot dog from New York.


Shirt, Sunglasses and a hat.  This cutie pie is definitely not going to get skin cancer.

The hat is a perfect fit for this little pooch.



Cool dog who knows how impress the ladies with his slobber.


Embed from Getty Images

Fox Terrier Hipster

Those stupid baskets are ruining their image.



This dog couple had always wanted to get married on a high school running track. Actually, she wanted to hold it at the local dog boutique, but he got his way instead. She was already contemplating divorce in this photo.





Gay dog marriage top hats.


Fashion fur-on-fur.



Someone’s grandma thought this would be cute as a hat  It’s not. The dog is not happy, so leave these ribbons on a wrapped gift.


Don’t ever make your dog wear a dumb hat. Based on the humiliated look on his face, the dog obviously plans to rip apart the owner’s expensive couch when getting back home.


Her mom made the hat from a table cloth. Obviously, the dog is not very happy to wear it, but who would be?

Just because the hat color matches her hair is not a reason to make it apart of the wardrobe.

Loves the attention. Hates the stupid little hat.



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