Dogs that deserve to wear jewelry

By Ben Jakes-Johnson

Apr 28
Dog wearing pearls

Technically and realistically, a dog shouldn’t be wearing jewelry. The reason for this is that the pieces of the necklace could easily break apart and the dog might choke on the pieces. But what if the jewelry were edible, as in organic and wholesome? That’s a different story.

The main reason that a dog would want to wear jewelry, beside the fact that it’s a chewy treat, is that jewelry makes her look great in photos. Plus, if she can hold off long enough, the adoring attention of the general public would be well worth the torture of waiting to devour the necklace.

Most people want gorgeous photos of their dogs, but they seem to think that dressing them up like animals or like infants is tolerable. Civil dogs don’t like wearing stupid costumes that make people laugh at them. Yes, people are laughing at them, not with them. Instead, walk your pup around town with a stunning necklace and no one will laugh – they will pleasantly be in awe with a smile on their face.

If the dog behaves well enough to not immediately attempt to eat the necklace, then the high price tag for the item will be more than worth it. It is suggested that your dog become well trained before having the privilege of wearing the necklace. Reckless and poorly behaved dogs don’t deserve jewelry anyway.

If you know that your dog is of a high enough caliber to wear a beautiful necklace, drop us a note in the comment section below.


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