Port-a-Potty FAQs

Why do I need a Puppy Dog Port-a-Potty?

When you’re out and about, it’s utterly crass to urinate in public. Right gentleman? Right. Everyone deserves the right to have privacy and luxury when doing their deed. Just as you wouldn’t want your husband peeing in a public space, you also wouldn’t want your beloved dog to face that same fate.

Can my cat use the Puppy Dog port-a-potty? We go on long trips and Felix needs a luxurious place to relieve himself.

No. Leave your cat at home.

Is the entire Potty stain proof?

Yes. Your pup can make a huge mess and our slippery sidings will work to make cleanup easy. We don’t ever plan to make the Potty material in a white color for that reason. Please look for our upcoming Bride-Pup Potty which has a yellow & white floral pattern.

Can I carry it around or is it to heavy?

Our lightest version is only 5 pounds when empty. If you can carry 5 pounds, which in European measurements is equivalent to the weight of 50 baguettes, then yes, you can carry it. If your dog eats the 50 baguettes and then uses the Potty, then you probably don’t want to carry it.

I have two dogs. Can they both fit in the Port-a-Potty together?

We offer a large size suitable for a Great Dane, so multiple dogs of a smaller stature could fit inside. If you are the type who is ok leaving your twin toddler humans alone in a bathroom, then yes, go for it.

Can I return the Puppy Dog Port-a-Potty if my pup doesn’t like it?

If it is unused, then yes. If used, then see the answer on Saks Fifth Avenue’s Return Policy page for returns of used underwear.