Pugs are classy despite the snorting

By Ben Jakes-Johnson

Apr 29
Classy pug who snorts

Everyone can spot a pug with it’s sweet scrunchy face, perfect nose and curled up tail.  The one downside to having a pug is the labored snorting that comes from the way that there nasal passage is formed. They are obviously adorable, but historically, how did the pug find its way into the palaces of royals while having the loud, obnoxious snorting noise that accompanies the breed.

The Chinese ruling families held pugs in their kingdom with such high esteem that they even preferred their presence over their own children. The pugs were given their own guards and servants (see wikipedia). The pug was later brought into realms such as Europe and Russia, including that of King George V, Josephine Bonaparte (Napoleon’s wife), and Queen Victoria.

Princess Ekaterina Dmitrievna Golitsyna with her PugRussian princess with pug

Today’s pug might appear slightly different from the original Chinese pug breed, but the genetics of the pug are for the most part the same. They still have the short snout which creates the snorting when they become even slightly excited. For anyone who has spent time with a pug, it can observed that that they are easily excitable and the snorting comes with the territory of having a pug.

How did the early royalty put up with the snorting? Research shows that the royal pug was always accompanied by a “servant” or “guard”. This member of the royal staff  of course stood in the background, but was always present if needed. When the pug started to make any heavy breathing noises or snorts, the pug attendant would immediately swipe the dog away from the royal member and moved far enough away that the noises could no longer be heard. Prior to returning to the royal presence, the dog is assumed to have a more respectable nature which means that he is calm from fatigue and cooled down after rigorous exercise. In the eyes of the uber-wealthy, the pug never made any undesirable noises because the attendant was essentially doing his job by physically removing the unpleasantness  – yes, the perfect pet!


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