The route to happiness: get a dog

By Ben Jakes-Johnson

Apr 27

Most of us would agree that we love dogs. If you are looking at this article then you definitely love dogs. So, you’ll agree that the ultimate route to happiness is to get a dog.  If you already have a dog, then get another one.

The dog in this photo is an average little doggie in New York City. Yes, he has a loving owner but the dog has medical problems. Ironically, the owner also has medical problems.  The dog only cares about his owner’s problems, not his own. This New York dog probably won’t win any beauty contests, but he offers pure affection that is unlike anything a human could give. That’s not to say that the owner doesn’t care, because he does, but the dog cares much more.

Did you also know that the dogs who aren’t in your life day-to-day, also have a pristine love for you too? They don’t judge or pick sides. Of course they’ll love you more if you have some food to give them, but that’s not true love that I’m referring to. A dog’s love is closest to a baby human who doesn’t have any prejudices built up against the world.

If you look at a photo of The Queen of England meeting a group of Corgis for the first time, you’ll notice that most of the corgis aren’t even looking at the queen – all of the humans on the other hand are in awe of her presence. That’s because dogs simply don’t care about our man-made classifications. If the queen held doggie treats in her hand, then they would all pay attention. Of course a bum on the street would get the same amount of attention doing the exactly same thing, and the dogs might even pay more attention since he probably smells like rotten meat.

On that note, if you are looking for true happiness, you are more likely to find it with a pet dog than with a husband/wife. Finding the perfect spouse is definitely wonderful, but finding a simple dog is even more wonderful.



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